Creating Custom Websites Since 1995 In today's world of fast-paced business and the demand for instant information, it is virtually impossible not to have a web presence of some kind. As the technology advanced, we have kept in step using all the latest technologies such as, ASP.NET, SQL, HTML, Flash, PHP, Javascript, Java and XML. We have highly skilled programmers that will tailor any project exactly to your needs.

At Kidd & Co, we take pride in providing our customers with easy to navigate websites that are not only custom designed to the needs of the individual companies, but we also create websites that are easy to navigate. To make the maintenance on a website easier for our customers, our team provides custom (CMS) content management systems. Websites require specific components to be effective: Home Page of the site is the face of your company and should accomplish the following:
  • establish your brand - sets the tone of visitor’s expectation of the company
  • display your offerings - a quick overview of products, services and information
  • generate interest - we want the visitor to click further in the site to find out more and how your products and services will benefit them
  • convey trust - must establish an element of trust
About Us Page
Web developers often ignore this page and many sites do not provide enough of the right information.

Contact Page
This page should provide several different ways of contacting you. Even though you may have the information on other pages, visitors tend to look for "contact us".

Products and Services
Product pages need to provide your visitors with everything they need to know to make an informed decision.

Site Navigation
The navigation needs to:
  • be consistent and recognizable flow as the visitor navigates through the site
  • be obvious so the visitor can navigate around the site and know where they are at all times
  • be helpful with clear section headings and provide a site map
Generally speaking, websites are complicated. All the various components of a site are necessary to have a functioning, working site, when implemented properly each component compliments the others.
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